The Finnish Claybuilders Association

The Finnish Claybuilders Association was founded in 1996 and it aims to:

  • promote the use of natural building materials in Finland, especially clay and straw bale. We emphasize environmental sustainability, healthy living conditions, use of renewable resources and recycling.
  • act as a contact between builders and look after their interests. Members of our organization are experienced in e.g. building with light straw-clay and straw bales, cordwood constructions, working with clay plasters, and reed. We organize meetings, courses and voluntary workshops.
  • collect information about the traditional clay building technics in Finland and keep register of existing clay- and straw bale buildings.

The Association will co-operate both in Finland and in other countries with parties who share it's goals and principles. It's mission is to guide and train it's members, find, create and distribute the necessary information.

The association has contacts with natural building communities in other countries.

Cob wood sauna (Image Eila Heikkilä)